3D Metal Geometric Tiger XL Statue


Extinct saber-toothed tigers, whose close relatives we know, are back in our lives with Berling Design. The 3D Geometric Metal Tiger statue is accessible to anyone who is curious about nature’s past. It attracts a lot of attention not only in homes and workplaces, but also in domestic and foreign markets as auto gallery decor!

Designed for those with high limits

Size :73x55x160 cm / 29x22x63 inch

Weight: 14 Kg

Colour: You can choose from the “color” box below; You can contact us for a different color.

%100 assembly by hand.

Heat and moisture resistant dye on 0.7 mm metal plate.

Prices include shipping and taxes.

Duration of assembly ± 18 hours

Product is assembled before sending. Duration is for only information purposes.

Berling Design products are custom made after ordering. There may be deviations of ± 5-10 mm in product dimensions.

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