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How can i hang my head models on the wall?

All purchased products are ready to hang on the wall and are sent in the necessary apparatus box. It is enough to mount the hanger apparatus in the box to the wall.


Drill the wall with a drill and insert a dowel into it. Insert a screw into the dowel. A strong and sturdy screw will carry the weight of the product. However, you can use more than one screw for a safer solution..


There is a specially prepared section on the back of each product to help you hang the product on the wall. You can see the example in the picture above.


After preparing the dowel and the screw inside, you can easily hang your product on the wall by using the wall hanging section on the back of the product. You can see the example above.

Will i pay shipping fee?
No. Regardless of your location, your shopping from Berling Design stores is sent to the address where you made the purchase with the contracted cargo companies on the first working day when the assembly time is completed.
You can contact us for the expedited shipping option.
Can i buy a product in the color or material i want?

Yes, we can produce our models for you in the main colors you want or in special coated stainless metals (there will be a price difference).
If you would like us to design a new model for you, please contact us via “Custom Design”.

Are the products suitable for outdoor use?

Our products are painted by an electrostatic powder coating unit. The products are treated at 200 degrees till they reach their final form. The customers can use our products outdoors for many years without any corrosion issues.

Do you provide on-demand custom designs?

In both R&D and production, Berling Design collaborates with professionals. You can contact Berling Design through our communication channels or submit a request form in the Custom Designs section for us to reply to your demands.

How can I track my order?

An email with a tracking number will be sent to your inbox once your order is prepared. You may track your package from the website of the relevant shipping company.

Can I change my order?

You can ask for a change before the item you ordered is dispatched by getting in touch with us through the Berling Design communication channels.

Can I cancel my order once it has been shipped?

Unfortunately, cancellation is not possible once your purchase has been dispatched. Please refer to the page on Refund and Return Policies if you want to return your purchase.